The lighthouse !

That's it that's all ... I is outta here !

For all the old and many new friends that I have made here in beautiful Hong Kong in the last 6 months and are sad to see me leave ... Trust me on this one , I am twice as sad about leaving too !! After half a year living in my favourite place in the whole wide world , I leave loving it even more ... How tragic !! I'll miss this town like no other and I'm afraid , once again , that I have no other choice but to leave my heart here again !! I'll be back to check on it soon enough ! Take care Hong Kong ... Take care Mong Kok ! Sweet dreams tonight and as long as your many lighthouses keep burning bright ... I'll always find my way back !

Now ... Time for some more adventures ! One of which will be to get my "way over the weight limit" bags to the airport , 12 hours of recycled aircon and some of the worst coffee in the world !! But direct , this time , none the less !

Stay fresh and wish me luck !! Them big fluffy plane-shaking clouds look specially arrogant tonight !

For those of you , here in Hong Kong who need more answers to understand this tragic moment of my departure and why it is exactly that I'm leaving if I love it so much here ... Here's how it works :

Laterz !


Michelle Hilden said...

Safe travels, can't wait to have you back here in CPH again!!!

Joe Capobianco said...

Classic man, Classic...