See the world, they said !

Sorry for the delay , dearest Plog followers , but the internet has been getting really hard to rip these last few days !!

Here's part 3 (part last) of last weekend's Aussie invasion !! This time a one shot was in order (I love "one shots") ! First we doodled than we tattooed the rest of the day away for about 4 hours ! Here's what it all looked like !!

Red for me/Black for Mr. Bones !

The final product !!

Setting up mines is a hard job but I guess someone's got to do it ...

Next and last HK session before I leave will be on Monday ! Ben's Mong Kok leg will get finished !! After that ... No more tattoos until early August ! I guess you could call it a Summer break ! I'll be busy adding the final touches to my book , doodling as much as I can , re-nipping my aging web-site and trying to find a flat in over inflated Copenhagen !! That ... Plus pictures of course !!!

Stay cool ! It's been like +45 with a gazillion percent humidity down here lately !! I'm melting !!!


ZAK said...

Some of my favourite colors, ever. Awesomelicious!!!!!!!

chris said...

sweet piece from down under

Ben Newman said...

looks great!

Unknown said...

Soooo stoked on that tattoo!