Skank-onaut !

And to finally end this catching-up action that's been going on lately ...

... Here's the final installment of last weeks business !! [part fünf] ... aka Saturday at the office !

Now now ... Don't get all excited !! You should be warned !! I don't do cover-ups anymore !! I did way to many of them for about 9 years and gave up !! So damn depressing !! You can never do your best work !! You always have to concede to the piece that was there before and it never ends up being an awesome piece !! Just ... Way better than before ! And well ... If I tattoo it's not to help people ! But to make cool looking pieces ! The less concessions in the way , the better the piece ! So after my millionth cover-up , I decided to stop ! Laser's way street now-a-days anyways !!

However , I was fooled !!!! By my memory , my infallible memory ... Failed me ! I forgot it was a cover-up when I booked it last year through e-mails ! Showed up and reminded me ... Ouch !! Came from far too !! Damn ! Well , you know what they say - Rules exist only because people break them !! So ... He got lucky ! And after drawing and hurting my head on this doodle for a while , we managed a cool result !!! Here it is in 3D !!

Red & Black (You know the drill)

And in lines and black ...

NICE indeed !!! Been a while since I did a space-skank !!!! Looking fine ! Wait wait wait till you see the colour on this one !!

Quote of the day:"Oh nice , Nick ! I finally have a space skank on my arm !" Rock !

Keep it real out there and expect some illustration soon !! Enough of this tattoo thing !

Laters !!

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Anonymous said...

Life in pictures? I don't know, what do you think? My blog needs more pictures, right?