Red cruiser

Good day to all !

Well ... Today I drew lots , so that's good ! Doodles mainly , once again ! I don't know why I have a hard time with this particular deadline (the Us show one) ? I'll figure it out eventually , I'm sure ! But for some strange reason ... Nothing's good enough ! Oh well , maybe tomorrow !

However , in today's news , I bought about a pound of porn !!

... (Silence) ...

Now you're most probably thinking -Nick !? Why are you telling us this ? A tad bit too much information , don't you think ??
But hold your horses there for a second !! What I mean is ... I got my hands on a pound of awesome "Collector" old school (60's -70's) men's magazines !! So "Very soft" stuff indeed and a definite culture clash !! Anywho ... The main purpose of having these is obviously , to draw on them , perverts !! Have a look !

Rock !!

I love mixing pictures and drawings !! Always have !! Should do a window soon !!!! It's been forever since I've done one of those !!

Ok ! Might post some more later !! Until then keep rock'n !


(It's later now) Here's another one .....

Ok ... Ciao !


Mathilde said...

Love it love it love it ... when can i buy one from you ? ;)

Michelle Hilden said...

Love it, are these for sale?? Would fit perfectly in my dinning room!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! What media do you use to work on these, I guess the paper is quite thin?

Anonymous said...

It's been way to long you old Canuck, I need to see my Canadian brother. Here's my phone number, send me a text message so I know your a live.

Nils aka Bascofiver


chris said...

wow both are cool