Café sketching !

Café sketching is very good for ya !! For all the artists out there , this is one single thing which is gonna get ya productive ! Being in a public environment yet have your own bubble , visual breaks just by looking up , coffee , and good people (where applicable) , is without a doubt , one of the best tricks out there to get you moving on your sketchbook and produce stuff you wouldn't usually do !! I do it a lot when I travel but doing it at "home" is as nice !! Words of wisdom , right there !!! It also happens to be what I've been doing for the last few days , at my hood's rockin' spot !! Here's some of the day's doodles !!!!

Also in the day's doings >>>> My porn pusher found me some little marvels .... To paint on , of course ! Pervs ... All pervs !! The deal with the cool chick store I last talked about is still rollin' ! Just a few usual delays , but still in the works !! And finally ... Last day of chilling >>>> Back at the office tomorrow for a two week/hella-booked/crazy tat-a-thon ! So if you happen to be one of those people who like that tattoo thing , stay tuned for lots of it !!!

Later , nudie zine huggers !

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ZAK said...

I cant stop laughing at that bartender, man.