Off we go ...

A long day of running around town and taking care of business ! Ya know !? Boring stuff ! However not very interesting ... Much was accomplished !

I promise a more interesting blog for tomorrow with doodles and such !



Julia Seizure said...

hey stranger!
i have some goodies to send off to u and allan n wife. who should i address the package to? ie: who is at conspiracy inc now....or next weekish? i dont want it getting held up at the post office of doom.
u gonna be around?

p.s no word of a lie, my word verification this time is CIDER! so fitting........, amazing!

Jason Stephan said...

Hey, I'd love to know if this painting is for sale. I have been wanting to get a piece from you, and I'm really into this one. Jesse got me some EPD's. I'm ready to spend them.