Mission accomplished !!

Forgive my Plog absence ... Just made it back ... All in one piece !

Operation "choke on Snus" was a complete success !! The Swedes and the rest of the free world can sleep soundly again tonight ! The anonymous minions were neutralised and the illegal snus plantations burnt to the ground ! however , Dr. HĂ„rtlycka , the SPECTRE mastermind of the said evil snus growing operation has managed to escape ... Once again ! So keep an eye out !! Evil never ever sleeps !! Not even for a power nap !

Also in the news >>>>> Lots to look forward to this month , indeed ! Got lots to paint and draw , lots to tattoo with a few new pieces in the next few weeks , a book to continue and a few paintings going in shows that I should get started like yesterday !! So once again ... More more more in the days to come !!!

Oh ! And I almost forgot ... Here's something I found in my newspaper today , thought you might like !!

Roboto rules !!!

Plog ya again tomorrow with some more of the day's doings !!!

Rock !


Scott Olive said...

yes those dirty martinis are wicked for us olives. awesome work you have

Anonymous said...

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto