Chez Wookiee !

Today's tattoo adventures happened at ... Chez Wookiee ! The best coffee in town !!!
Here's what happened ... Harbour Jon came back for some harbour colour !! Bluegrey all over , he said !! Who am I to say no !? So bluegrey all over he got !! It's not the best picture of this super half sleeve but it'll do for now ! You know the routine ... Half healed / half fresh is bad for the camera ! But I'm sure you can figure this one out !!!

Final session in October !!! Until then ... You'll have to look at this shot !

Bluegrey !!

Tomorrow ... ? Some doodles perhaps !! Have been organizing this next big trip for a while now and for some reason it's hella-complicated this time around !! Lots of little parts to this one with stuff I've never done before !! But I think I got most of it covered by now ... I think !? This one's gonna be a blast !! But am still always scared of forgetting something !! And among many many other reasons , that's when my buddy Jesse comes in handy !! He has a magic bag with everything in it !! It's true !! You don't believe me ? You'll see ! And like yeah ... EVERYTHING !!! Best travel buddy ever !!

Until then ... I'll be bracing myself for a month or two of Michael mania and over coverage of his life and how he invented everything and was the greatest ever !! A few long months , if ya ask me !! That's when it comes in handy to not have a TV !!

Later skaters and stay bad !!

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nic said...

Gorgeous Amsterdam piece... that should make any Dutchman proud!