BBQ time !

Inviting beach party !!

So yeah ! This , what happened today ! Some colour in the front girl and a big bubba of a flower ! Nice to see this super piece again !!! It had been a while since the last session !!!! More of this one in August !!

So yeah !! To much tattoos on this Plog !! I'm cutting you off the tattoos for a bit !! I don't like it when there are much more Tattoo posts than Illustration ones on this blog !!! It means I'm not drawing enough !!! So ... No more tattoos till I catch up !!!! ( a few days ) ... That's it ... You're cut off !!!

Laterz !


igl said...

Very supernice mr. pick !
i dont think that you have too much tattoos here. its nearly the same like illustration on paper, just other medium, is´nt it ?
i´m not boring with your tattoos !
tomorrow miss pink and me are on the way to italy for next 3 weeks, hope i get some hotspots from time to time, and i try to coment this expedition.
servus !

Unknown said...

A very nice piece, I like looking at all your tattoos. As igl says I am not bored with tattoo posts, I like the Illustrations also and cant wait until you get the webshop running.