I know I know ...

... It's been a while !! Sorry ... But I've been pretty busy for the last few days !! No really , like crazy busy !! + All the tattoo pictures I've been taking after the last few sessions kind of all turned out like crap ... So ... Won't happen again ... I swear !! ( actually it most probably will ) But here's what happened today :

Roboto came back for almost 6 hrs today and we did a bunch of stuff on it !!! This one's becoming more and more of a masterpiece , Every time we work on it , I tell ya !! We finished the city he was escaping from ... His left arm ... A few gauges , here and there ... And last but not least ... We gave him a mission , a purpose !! Here it is again !! ( Yes ! That's my tattoo version of Hall ( 9000 )) !

Now ... Two days to paint and fill the illustration/tattoo gap on this Blog !!

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