KBH Komikon !

Me and my buddy Niels had a nice day out at the Copenhagen Comicon today ! Wasn't expecting much but it actually turned out to be alright ! Also , to my great surprise , happened to spot Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa ( Skydoll ) at a booth signing and sketching all over their comics !! Nice surprise !

So yeah ! We hung around for a bit , Niels hooked up with an old friend ! And all 3 of us went back to town and had a few pints wile talking about our adventures and the good old days ! Until Niels's old friend got hammered and trashed the place and we had to run from the cops !! We kinda lost him in an alley somewhere around Nyhavn ... Hope he's alright !!

Anyways ... Think they have one of these Komikons every two years !! Check it out , next time !! Good fun !


Unknown said...

Yeah, I was there saturday, pretty cool convention. Me and my buddy had some fun and got some comics for our reading pleasure.

Flora Amalie said...

Rasmus Klump!
Lucky you, i always wanted to meet that guy!