Real !

Started this yesterday ! A new project !! It goes like this ... See ... I always draw stuff from my head and as much as it comes from everything I see that inspires me ( Anything really ) it always comes out on the other side after being processed through my disturbed mind ! And I love that and always enjoy twisting stuff around and ... Well ... It just comes naturally ! So the other day I decided to try to draw what I see and not distort it just draw what I see as it is ... So this is the first one ! Done it yesterday morning while waiting for breakfast !! As you can see ... There's either some pretty strange looking people in my hood or I truly have to work on this !!!!

More to come !!

I think , as an illustrator artist whatever you call it , that it's important to always try to test yourself in uncomfortable terrain ! So I kind of like this new project ... A good challenge !! Let's see what comes out of it !!


Anonymous said...

I know that man! Having a mozzarella sandwich as usual. You once said that you cant draw "on the spot", that it has to be processed through your twisted sickened mind, but as we all can see, YOU LIED!! LIAR!!

Flora Amalie said...


Good to see the hood still looks the same!