Sleeve tricked !

5 hours and a half on this young lady today !! We lined all day and I think that a few times , she must have thought ... What did I get into !! But made it only 30 minutes short of the so coveted title of Trooper !! Good job missy ! This one's gonna be a sweet one when the colour hits !! Got a few ideas up my sleeve for this new sleeve !! That's right ... I thought this was gonna be a one shot this morning ! But when I got to the shop it had become a 3/4 sleeve ! I got sleeve tricked !! I remember , back in the day , when I , use to sleeve trick people !! When a girl would come in for a flower on her foot "not too big" and would leave the shop with a sleeve and half back of robots fighting skanky space cadets !! Oh ! Never mind ... That was yesterday !!

Keep an eye on this beautiful piece to be ... More of it after christmas !

Tomorrow ... Captain Simian Smith is back for a final round !!

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