Lines lines lines ...

Well ... Let me tell ya ! The four seasons is a great pretext for some pretty darlings !!

5 and a half hours of line on this new sleeve and we got pretty much all the lower half lined up !!! Actually started with two liners today ! I do that about twice a year ! Usually only line with a kinda tight 9 liner ... Yep ... That's pretty much all I use ! But once or twice a year , for no apparent reason , I'll do some of the fine lining with a tight 7 ! So yeah ! Looks damn good this one !!!!

( From left to right .... The little one in the back is the indian Summer ( we needed a 5th girl ) / Spring in the middle and Summer on the right ( with a bird on it's head )) Wait till you see what I have up my sleeve for the colours !!!

Later !

( Yes ! The kanji was there before !! )

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igl said...

well, i like those kanji characters in hard winter times, when the snow is falling down to earth !