Day first ... No nudity !

So ... I'm really appreciating all these spontaneous sleeves , I've been getting at the moment !! Meet the customer and find out an hour before you do it what you have to do !!! Gets your head working ! Working good ! If doing the best and pushing anything to the best you can do , is what you're looking to do , that is !! You start by scrambling for ideas ... Keeping the ones you like and then pushing those always a bit more !! Trying not to stick with the too comfortable ones !! And all that in a few minutes ... You have to make a composition for a sleeve on the spot ... While the contender watches and dreams for the best ! I love what I do so it's not a stressful thing at all ... But it def. gets your head working !! These pieces are most often also the best ones !! Used to think the opposite ... But with time , learned to trust my spontaneous thought !!

Keep an eye on this one ... Not a theme I usually indulge in ... but a damn fun one to make ! Will be a good one to see grow !! And should go pretty fast too ! Mr.shaky legs stood 6 hours none the less !! Good job trooper ! For that and for mentioning , to me , from the start , that you didn't want to much nudity ! I hope 20 naked chicks on your arm is not too much ! Cheers !

Tomorrow ... Day second ... Logically !

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Anonymous said...

Was great fun to see you create it from scratch.
And who can say no to 20 naked chicks anyway?

/Mr. shaky legs