2 cm above sea level !

Just like christmas should be ( the wet Scandinavian version that is ) except this is spring !!

When all this wet gooey crap finishes to melt ... My little island and the rest of Denmark along with other flat countries like Holland should be submerged completely ... Damn it ... We didn't see it coming !! Sucks to be us right now !

Farewell my elevated friends !!


Anonymous said...

ahhh comme j'aimerais avoir une photo de mtl à t'envoyer...here, there's like...moUntains of snooooow !!! la prochaine fois qu'on verra le gazon ici, c'est en juillet, putain!
got your swim-aids pour l'an prochain ? ;)

Anonymous said...

So there'll be nothing to come home to then? Well, it was nice while it lasted, goodbye shop!