Day second ... Double wamo !

Got up real early , got my coffee , jumped on the tram and got to work at 12 ! Got my shit ready and just tattooed all day ! Today's great accomplishments , "double wamo" indeed , are the finishing of not one but two long lasting favourites of mine ! Now ... In my busyness ... Or at least in my busyness of the busyness ... You more often start stuff than you finish it !! Lot's of these pieces take a long time to get done and for some reason ... More people come to see me for rather larger then smaller pieces !! So when you get to finish one , it's always a good day !! But two ... Now that happens , to me , only once a year , or not even actually ! So am pretty damn happy about that !!

First ... Miss Marika's galactic strife is finally all pinked in and purpled out ...

War in space against invasions of space commies from Mars war machines is not an easy thing ... But somebody's got to do it !!

Is our world safe from these cruel monsters ? And if so ... For how long ??

And finally ... A long time favourite ... Erik's amazon island kidnapping !! Needed a bit of touch-up's ... So some parts look funny cuz they just got retouched or boosted ... But am very happy to see this one and be able to say it's done !! T'was started over 2 years ago !! Captain-BBQ !

Tomorrow ... Day 3 ... Gardening and sticky shoulders !

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