Day fifth ... The fallen king !

Had an other busy , yet sweet day today !! Work work work ... But getting loads of stuff done !! A nice thing happened this morning ... One of my customers from last month ( the mermaid on the sailor piece ) dropped by for some touch-ups today , before my official appointment ! And ... As picky as I can be ... This piece needed no touch-ups !! I mean none at all !!

Now ... I can proudly state that my stuff usually heals more than fine , but it's totally normal to get a little scab here and there or just to need a bit more contrast at some places ! But this piece had healed and looked exactly like I had done it a month ago ! Now that's cool ! In my busyness ... If you take what you do at heart that is ... That's like a very nice tap on the back !! So here it is ... I re-posted it just cuz I'm happy bout it ! This the healed version !

However later ... Finished the chess / death piece from a while ago !!! The king is in checkmate ! And don't try to cheat because death always wins !

Tomorrow ... Day 6th ... Two in one ! On who , you say ? Just some unsuspecting victim !

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Petri said...

That tattoo has too many colors and me being drunk has nothing to do with it! Midget! CAT!! Egg!! One two lizard! Jesus im bored. Help me...