Happy 5th anniversary !

On this special day ... I find ironic to see and hear things like Angela Merkel's speech , last week in Israel , for remembering and forgiving past horrors we humans are able to commit ! Speeches of shame and guilt for our violent past ... Such speeches usually involve a lot of beautiful words and a few brilliant speechwriters and most often end in words which ask for forgiveness of our past and how we used to be so brutal and how we've changed so much ... How we have learned , civilized and distanced ourselves from our barbaric past , with time ... How we are different now ! The same went , a few days ago , for the speeches pronounced at the 40th anniversary of the My lai massacres perpetrated during the Vietnam war ! Such horrors that we are asked to come to terms with and with only good reason to do so , and only excuse being time ! It was the past ... We don't do this anymore ... Therefor we can move on now !

Well let's just stop not assimilating the daily headlines or just not thinking of what's going on now ... At least once a year !

Forgive my grim anti Iraq war post ... Just checked out the Reuters Iraq war anniversary piece and just felt like writing my part instead of just babbling about it to my roommate !

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Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe in 50 years or so they'll get an apology. Yeah, that sould be good enough.