In the city ...

Here are today's two finished pieces I've been working on , after-hours , for a while now ... Real happy about them both ! Love the browns and dirty old pink tones ! Just finished both of them a minute ago and am looking forward to see how good they look in the frames I have ready for them ! Everything looks better in a frame !! And like a good friend of mine once said "The frame is like the pimp ! The piece is nice as is but the frame has to make it look better and sell it !" These two will be at the Doodletown gallery tomorrow morning ! And it's about time I got something new there !!

Tomorrow's my last working day at the shop until I come back from GBG on the 31st of March ... I will be opening ( as usual ) my calendar for bookings ( in May ) on the 25th , next week ! But through E-mails only ! So if you wanted to drop by for a consultation for a new piece ... You should drop by on Monday the 31st but still E-mail me for a spot on the 25th !!! It took me 3 days to book April solid , last time , so if you want a spot ... Write to me on the 25th !!!

Later !

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