Day seventh ... Day last !

Just finished my day at the office and that's great ! Am looking forward to slow down the tattooing pace back to normal ... Starting ... Now ! Today's piece is a collaboration I started a month ago with my buddy Jesse ! Jesse did the main characters and I took care of framing it all with a nifty background ! All day I lined and lined and then shaded around a bit too ... The poor guy was hoping for some colour but it'll have to wait till next session !! I promise ! This piece , once it's done , is gonna be a super killer one !! I wish , I really wish I could get to do some more collaborations !!! There's something awesome about letting go of certain parts of a piece and just trusting someone else with it !! Of course not anyone !! And after a few of these with Jesse ... I think we got a damn good thing going here !! Let me know what you think when it's done !!!

Also ... A close up of a damn sexy line !!! Now that's a pretty fine power line ... And I sadly don't get the excuse to do as much of these as I'd like !!! You can't just put one anywhere !! But this shoulder was crying for some power lining love and I just couldn't resist !!!

Funny thing that all these "old school" and "Japanese traditional" aficionado tattooists say a lot is that ... A one pass line is much harder to pull than a built up or power line !! And ... Well ... That's just not true !! I've always agreed with them ... Cuz it made sense ! I mean it is easier to hide a bad line by thickening it and you get a few strokes to pull it instead of just one chance ... But then I've had the pleasure of seeing some of the most awesome "traditional" tattooists try to build up their lines , a few times in the last 10 years and well ... Most of them can't do it !! Not only the artistic part of it ( where to thicken , where to thin ... Witch in my opinion is a complete art form by itself !!!! ) but just doubling a line seems to be really hard actually !! They all seem to squiggle like if it was so hard to fallow the first pass and lightly take it a millimeter off ... Or just plain old overworking them to try to get them straight !! So yeah ! This is my honest opinion ... I actually think it's much harder and takes a lot more knowhow and experience to build up your lines ( well that is ) and power line at the right place ... So yeah !! Taking a stand for all the "new school" and original art tattooartists out there who take shit for there "Easy" lines !!! I think one pass is a bit more stressful but way less technical , takes no initiative and is a lot easier to pull !

Opinion opinions ... Let me know what you think !!

Tomorrow ... I'm out a here ! Back to the Vesterbro ! Am treating myself to a nice day off with one of those 30 minute flights and some over sleeping !!

Later !

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Anonymous said...

You're absolutely rights Nickster. The more I know about the actual technique of tattooing the more amazed I am by your work. People don't know how hard it actually is to make a perfect thick line. And that's why many of your pieces wouldn't even need colouring at all, only the lines make people go whooooaaa. But I guess that's only people who actually know what they're talking about.
Keep on making them masterpieces Da Vinci!