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Ladies and Gentlemen… And here's a bit more tattoo news of the day for ya!!

I'm adding stuff to the calendar right away… I seem to have some new tattoo developments you might be interested in…

OCTOBER/NOVEMBER/DECEMBER            HONG KONG                        

I am extremely limited for tattoo time and pretty much all booked up for most of November and all of December but have added a few available dates for the end of October here in Hong Kong. So if interested… Hit me up now (asap) before I book those too!!



Will be trippin' to Cape Town, South Africa, just in time for that convention of theirs (last weekend of January)… Am booking a booth as we speak with some buddies and well, I just thought some of you might be interested (my first convention in 5 years)!! I'll have to come up with a stupid yet interesting system for any work done at the convention and therefore won't book anything ahead but I will be sticking around town for a few weeks after the show and am booking those few available spots ahead!

So if you might be interested in getting something done by me down there… Let me know!!

I have about 8 spots to fill and am opening them now!

Send me a mail with what, where on your body and roughly how big (one shots only, I'm afraid but that can be as big as ya want… I guess max 8 hours… That's like a "half sleeve" without the armpit… Roughly…).

Get your Paypal ready for a deposit and… Wait… I got to figure out how much per hour first!!! Ok I'll have to ask and so gimme a day before I have a quote for the 2 hours deposits…

ok yeah… After that (mid February) I will be going back up to Europe for more workings… There will be Copenhagen dates but also other towns too… Right now am thinking of maybe: UK… Poland… Holland… Just got to plan this a bit better before I book!!!

Ok that's the tattoo news of the day!!

Stay fresh!


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