MONGKOKO 140-143

Oooooooooo snappPP - Here comes the Red Box again!!

Welcome back to Red Box Wednesdays for this very special Wednesday!!! 

Today I have 4 awesome and mind blowing pages for you... The last pages of chapter 7... And personally a very important piece of the Red Box puzzle!!! So check this crazy shit out and let me know what you think!!!

Last time on the Red Box... Oliver was ejected in a rather ungentlemanly fashion and sent to the Incoming Migrants Provisional Approval Settlement Sector...

PAGE 140-141

PAGE 142

PAGE 143

Sweet Jebus!!!! A giant whole entire mega spontaneously built city as a waiting room??? This whole thing is crazy!!! My mind is definitely blown, let me tell ya! How will Oliver ever make it to the real City??? Where in the world is Pat??? At least that Leo dude sounds like a nice guy!

Drop by next wednesday for more awesome and mind blowing pages... The first of chapter 8!!!!

As usual...

HERE is where you can check the whole epic saga from the beginning and where you can go shop for pages too!! Each page is super fancy Giclée printed 100 times, hand signed and numbered!!  

A few extra factual facts...

aka The Incoming Migrants Provisional Approval Settlement Sector: 

Is a cross between Mong Kok, one of Hong Kong's districts (my hood)...

and Makoko. Lagos, Nigeria's infamous floating slum 
(one of my top 5 dream destinations for a few years now)...

Makoko aka the Venice of Africa was razed (sunk?) 
by local authorities lately but it should be back up and running 
before Christmas!!

Ok enough facts... Got to run!!!
Plog ya soon!!!!


jedi said...

killa dude! epick.!!! i wonder if mongkoko has a shanghai street?

nic said...

MONGKOKO!!! Oh man... you've outdone yourself once again. I so need to see the original of that gorgeous spread!