Moonshadow... 144-149

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I'm terribly sorry but it seems I've been sucking at this regular blogging thing lately... No need to repeat myself... It's just been hard to find the time!! This month is just crazy with all this Red Box business... But I still managed just enough time for your weekly session (after such a good record it would be hard to justify a Red Box-less Wednesday)! 

Behold!!!! Chapter 7 ended last week (Oliver landing in Mongkoko) and today starts the unbelievable and terribly mysterious chapter 8... And to start this new chapter, I thought a good solid 6 pages would be nice... So much yet to talk about and well... Chapter 8 is the before last chapter of this season so... No time to waste!!!

Here's your weekly dose!! Enjoy and as usual... Don't be shy and let me know what you think!!! 

PAGE 144-145

PAGE 146

PAGE 147

PAGE 148

PAGE 149

OOOooooooooooo snapp! What a week... What a week!!! So that Mossman dude from the jungle was working for these guys all along??? What exactly does "High above" mean??? I wonder who these freaks are?

More mysteries and hopefully more answers next week!!! Don't miss it!!

HERE <--- Check the whole epic saga from the start!!

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Ok ok got to run but I do promise promise more postings in the days to come... Promise!!

Stay real!!

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nic said...

A fan of Cat Stevens? And the fact that this song exists in this alternate universe?! Most intriguing!