Hop hop hopping about...

Here's my last few days ago's day's doings...

Nothing is scarier than a Chinese vampire... Well a clown maybe but since you will never ever see a clown on this blog or any other part of the interwebs even related to the key words "Electric Pick" then we can jump straight to the Chinese vampire!!!

If you don't know what I'm talking about... Download one of these 80s classics for an evening of absolute fear and terror!!!!

Here's what it looked like when we was done! Excuse the bat wing scratches at the bottom there... Part of a previous yet unfinished project!

beware... The 殭屍!!!!

Woaaaah!!! Scary shit yo! Make friends with a Taoist monk just in case you think you might need some help against these guys some time soon!!

Safety first!

Ok got to run!

More bangers tomorrow!!!


** Really??

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Uncle Allan said...

scary scary vampires!! But all you need is a bunch of yellow post-its to put on their foreheads. That will stop them!