Annihilatedness... 150-154

Oh yeah...

Welcome to yet another delicious Red Box Wednesday!!! This week I have 5 sexy pages for you! Not only the incredible continuation of chapter 8 of this epic first season of the Red Box but also miss Penelope Purpleton's visual debut in this amazing saga!!!! She'll be around for a few more wednesdays but today you get a first glimpse at this new graphic adventure and very successful experiment of mine... Hope you like it!!

With no further delay... Here's you super weekly session... High in the sky...

PAGE 150-151

PAGE 152

PAGE 153

PAGE 154

Holy poop snacks!!! This chick seems a bit off and most likely dangerous!!!! What's all this "Purpleton" business anyways... Who are these guys????

Find a lot more out next week for an extra big Red Box Wednesday!!!!

As usual.... Go check the whole story from the beginning HERE!

And go shop for Red Box pages as prints there too (HERE)!

More ploggings in the days to come... And as usual... Don't be shy and let me know what you think about all this RB business!

Also in the next few days, expect some super awesome RED BOX news!!!!

Stay safe!!

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