23 consecutive years of denial and counting...

I just landed this morning straight from Beijing and made damn sure I was back home in Hong Kong for tonight!

If you're in Hong Kong on this very special night, whether you're just visiting our little part of the world or live here permanently, whether you're a local or an immigrant to this town, don't be a tourist tonight, come out and be counted! Whether to listen and stay the night with the thousands of other Hong Kongers or just to do your quick round, come out and be a part of what makes Hong Kong not just another city in China! Making sure, year after year, that the numbers of people who care never dwindle too low and that there is one place in China where people remember and still demand that those who commit horrible crimes against their people must be held accountable! The victims of the Tiananmen square protest 23 years ago today, in Beijing, are not forgotten!!!

Victoria park in Causeway Bay from 8 till late!!

P.s. If you live here and don't show up tonight... You can't really complain about people not caring!





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