POOONG! 92-96

Oh yeah...

It's Red Box Wednesday, today!!!

I managed 5 new pages to get you started on chapter 6, today! 5 new very mysterious pages indeed!

So... Just so you know... I will eventually find the time to write all about this in detail but just to quickly inform you guys... This is chapter 6, and this season of the Red Box (RB1) will have a total of 9 chapters... So yeah, including this one, there are 4 more chapters to go!!! Thought I'd let you know... Ok here's your weekly dose!!






What was that??? Some sort of tracking, beeping, bliping device?? What for? Who is that guy anyways??? What kind of name is that????

Oh! So many questions!!!

However, for those of you out there who have feelings involved in this story, who are hooked and maybe worried... I will not answer all (need to keep you hooked) but I do promise a responsible end to this whole season with at the very least a lot of answers... Promise promise!!

But for now... There are still a few more months to go!!

As usual... HERE's where you can catch the whole thing from scratch!!


Ross Turpin said...

that dark jungle scene gave me shivers! so good!

Patrick Banares said...

Hey Nick, This is random, basically, I work at a shop called Shanghai Charlie's here in Sydney Australia and we will be doing a charity fundraiser for Sea Shepherd, would you be interested to join? all we need is 1 A3 size artwork from each artists and it will be displayed on a gallery. all the proceeds will be donated to Sea Shepherd... it will be sometime October this year. I love your work and would be interested to have you on our list of artists. Thanks