So like, yeah... Cuz, ya know... 97-99

It's RED BOX day again!!!!

Damn right!!
So like yeah... Thought I could get you guys 5 pages today but hit a bump with the dialogue and well... I got to think this thing through for the next day or so... Just wanna make sure I don't contradict earlier statements and such! It's getting more and more complex in there! So yeah, the clock was running out and I decided to post these 3 and make you wait a bit for the few extra pages! But if everything goes well... That might mean you get a lot more pages next week! Anyways... Here's your weekly Red Box session!!




So yeah!!! This Mossman dude is very shifty indeed! But not a very good liar, it turns out!!
Next week... A few more answers including one very very important one about something that is so very important for the whole story!!! What is this "Hydra" they keep talking about??? See it next week only on the Red Box!

As usual... Start this whole epic story from scratch HERE!

Also in the news....

I don't know if you caught that but I reopened the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX with some awesome new prints! All fancy schmancy beautiful Giclée prints on some awesome paper... Anyways... There's a RED BOX section in the shop... Yup! So from now on you can get a print of your favourite page(s) and that's pretty sweet!!

Got a bunch of inquiries already so here are a few answers:

-All the pages are available as prints (beautiful Giclée (can't say that word enough, sorry) on fine art archival paper).

-Each page is limited to a run of 100/ hand signed and numbered.

-Each single page is 25x 25 cm (10"x 10") and can be yours for 300HKD.

-Doubles are just about twice the size and go for pretty much twice the price (600HKD).

-The best place to shop for pages is truly the RED BOX tab on this blog.

-I ship worldwide just like all the other prints and originals I sell.

-They look absolutely epic.

-300 HKD = 30 Euros/ 38 USD/ 25 Pounds/ 230 Dkk.

Ok got to go but let me know if you have any questions about this!!
As usual: pick@electricpick.com

You rock!

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