Barely 80-83

Made it!!!

Wow… Posting in Beijing is epic, let me tell ya!! I'd like you to appreciate the dedication involved here…! Cuz like my blog is, for some reason, blocked up here! I'm guessing the local authorities see it as an enemy of the revolution or just plain don't like my space skanks and/or take on current events? Or maybe just the fact that I have, a take, on current events?? What current events? Is there any current events?? Anyways… This clearly explains why in the last 5 years I've gotten just about 1 or 2 hits from China on my blog… But Red Box Wednesday is Red Box Wednesday and there's no going around it and not even the Chinese People's Internet Police can change that (sorry guys)… so here's what I did!! I know this guy (local spy buddy) who, for a carton of fancy smokes let me use his 56k bypass-line… So it only took me about 3 hours to upload these 4 pages but Red Box Wednesday has been saved!!! A revolution within the revolution? I'm teasing them now… They will read this for sure!!

So please enjoy today's 4 Red Box pages a bit more than usual… Take your time reading them…. Enjoy the shades of grey and read it again later!!!

Hope you like!





Final screening??? F+??? When will our two friends finally make it through this tortuous immigration process??? What an adventure!!!

Ok got to go…

As usual, check the whole thing from the start by checking the top left tab entitled "RED BOX"!

Red Box could not be stopped… But every other post totally can and will be… There's just no way I'm spending another 3 hours to post a picture so you'll have to wait till I get back home on the 4th to see my local day's doings, I'm afraid!! Sorry!

Take it light and enjoy your internet out there!!!!

FOR THE CHINESE PEOPLE'S INTERNET ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS: None of the events above portrayed are in any way shape or form related to the Chinese administration. This is a fictional account portraying the shortcomings of GLOBAL immigration services. Don't be sad. I love you. Yeah you.


Flora Amalie said...

Argh, the pictures are so small!

Keiko Fox said...

Love it! Poor O+P. Hope they make it! Hope you're having fun!