United States of NAmerica


If you be one of them people currently residing (legally or not) in the US and also happen to be down with my tattooing struggle, you might be interested in the following statement! >>>>

It's that time again... It's been a while that's for sure but there's just so many places I need to go all the time!! Anyways, enough excuses... I've officially started planning for my next NAmerica trip and Yes, there will be tattooing involved!! I even got dates and all!!!

San Diego: November 21st till December 2nd /6 spots/ At a super covert fancy shmancy private location!! (how exciting)
New York: -Yet to be determined-
New Haven: December 9th till December 16th /4 spots/ At the Hope Gallery.
Philadelphia: -Yet to be determined-

If you happen to be interested in any of these spots contact me when ya get a chance! Booking starts now and it's first come first served! I've had a lot of people asking when i'd come over for the last two years so unless they're all really broke or decided they hated tattoos by now, I'm guessing these dates are gonna go quickly!!

In your mail please include: What (ish) you're looking to get, Where (ish) you're looking to get it and the city and day that tickles your fancy the most!

Direct wireless-mega-comunicatron-address: pick@electricpick.com

I will post again as soon as I have more news about wether I'll be working or not and where and when for NY and Philly! And also when all the dates get booked up!

Thanks you Rock!!!


Joe Capobianco said...

Very Excited bout this. Thanks


Flora Amalie said...

I was thinking, you should change the layout ever so slightly and add those share buttons i have on my blog, and on the shop blog. So i can share posts more easy on twitter. That would rock!

Anonymous said...

Man, U should do a SAmerican tour... lol... but for real!!


Dude!! I would absolutely love to go to SAmerica!! Next year maybe!

unclejoh said...

Awesome i hope u have a spot for me at hope gallery,i wanna finish my half sleeve train graffiti chick (if you remember...lol)& chill with my two favourite tattoo artist you & Capobianco.Trust me we could finish it i wanna be in you trooper list i got 8 hrs one session on my leg I got a skeleton eating spaghetti drinking wine at the Montreal tattoo convention I met one of your friend Honkey Kong!

, said...

thats awesome!!

Anonymous said...

If you dont mind our president, you are more welcome to come to Venezuela man... There is plenty to visit around this lands!!


Are you kidding!?!? I would absolutely love to go to Venezuela!! Caracas has been gaining a lot of points in my list of: "What next?" in the last few years and me and Hugo go way back dude, so no worries there. One fine day in the not so distant future!!! For sure!

Götzi said...

dude, hope you be in the next years near germany :)maybe for conventions or something. much fun in the US!