Is that a Tomahawk in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

The day's doodle… My latest "indian" chick of this ever growing collection of mine!! Looks like there might be more of these to come… I guess that's good news if you're one of these people who like my "indian" chicks, right?

This one's even wearing Yellow Pants!! It wasn't actually planned, just happened but I will indeed dedicate this one to the one and only, official Yellow Pants whom I know to dig my "indian" chicks!!!

In other more abstract news…

Some not so awesome things have happened lately that might actually bring on a new situation which might be very awesome and the beginning of something very very awesome indeed!! I know I know… This all makes no sense right now but I must absolutely remain super top secretive about all this shadowy business so… No explanations just yet! I'm sorry I've had to be so uninformative and loose with my facts since the last few months! I'll explain everything in good time, rest assured! And yes, this top secret covert business is all very directly related to the severe lack of Tattooing on this here fine Plog and other related anti explanatory news and stuff!

Bear with me here… For a while longer!

More asap!
Stay happy out there!


art skull tattoo said...

Hey, the most beautiful boobs you ever drawn, love it !!!!

Uncle Allan said...

OMG!!! I LOVE yellow pants and socks and Indian chicks and tomohawks too!!!
Miss you!!!

Michelle Hilden said...

Stop being so secretive, it's killing me!!!! and awesome Indian Chick!!!

Flora Amalie said...

And i want that doodle, dammit.
Also, i am emailing you tomorrow!