Shots in the Jungle

I've waited too long for this but as you might have guessed, my excuse consists mostly of being extremely busy with so many other things since I've landed back here in Hong Kong this last April! I however just found myself with a few free hours this "morning" and remembered... I have only posted 2 of the 5 posts I had planned about my last African adventures in the Tanzanian bush! So make it to the ANCOM for a fresh new set of shots from operation Heart of Darkness! I was saving this one specific post for last in the series but since it's been so long since the other ones... I just went ahead with it... My favourite one... The Ngorongoro crater!!! Check it out!

Also in the news... None of my super secret doings are yet ready to be explained and things on the Plog aren't just yet ready to get back to normal either but things have calmed down enough on the covert front for one or two of these posts some of you might have been missing a lot! Stay tuned in the days to come for some of that good old zzzzzapping you've missed out on!!


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