The what-what ... ?

Well well well... Here's one of these posts some of you guys might have been longing for...

Here's a quick selection of some of the stuff you guys might have missed!

1: Miss McQueenie's multi session (because of time, not a lac of trooperness, mind you) foot... The Ukulele rabbit in 3D and it's natural environment... Done and done!!!!



2: Second in this mega tat-a-matic row... Aussie Archy and the leg of doooom aka What happens to the tax man, the accountant, the Danish postoffice worker and other evil people of our world! Another piece from last year... Finally finished in Doom colours and just all around mega doomness!

3: And finally... Another leg finished!!! Pictures aren't too great on this well tanned mister Ben but I promise you better pictures next time I see him... Some of them all healed pictures that aren't too shiny!

Hope this fills your tattoo hungry eyes for the time being... More to come!! However, until then...

-Remember to write soon if you're interested in any of this!!!!

-And to keep an eye out here if you're interested in any of this!!!

You guys rock!
Stay troopers!

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