The 3 lonely sisters and how they paid rent

New shit on the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX!! A few new "sketches" and then some!! Go check it out if you like cool new shit!!

I'm kinda stuck between two currents here! I'd say I have about half the EPTB's mailbox filled with E-mails about how some cheaper stuff would be much appreciated and the other half with mails asking me when the BIG stuff is coming!! So yeah! I decided to start with a few "sketches" (however much not that "sketch-like") and would like to reassure the other crowd that some really intense "bigger" stuff is being worked on everyday!!!

So ... Much new original work to expect soon!!!

For now... 3 Lonely sisters!!

Big awesome news tomorrow!! For those of you who're still into that tattoo thing that is!

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Uncle Allan said...

UGHHH!! Soo nice! Who doesn't like indian chicks?? i bet they won't be lonely for long!