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M M More previous workings, here we go!!

A few hours of lines on this new half, this one of many new pieces on the list of new new pieces coming up! Yep, you guessed it... Just your average superhero family doing their best to rid their city from yet another new and evil threat from beyond!! Fallow their adventures soon for a good session of sweet sweet colour action!! Here's last session's doings in shapes and colours, for your visual pleasures >>>>


A few hours later!

In other news-

- Make sure to go check out Ninja Jynt's new ANCOM additions! Yet another visual explosion!!

- The American electoral process has begun... Brace yourselves for an incredibly painfully and unnecessarily long and slow year of dumb headlines!

- And finally, a second for Mr.Tim Hetherington, award winning reporter/documentary film maker who was killed yesterday in Lybia while covering the stagnating rebel advance in Misurata. They all know the risks yet they keep going back for more, so that we can know and see what's really going on anywhere and everywhere! A most humble and honourable of professions in my book! His last masterpiece "RESTREPO" has to be the most precise and exact account of what life is like for the few kids sent over to the war ravaged hills of Afghanistan on the border with Pakistan. The valley of doom! I highly recommend this amazing documentary, to anyone interested in what's really going on out there!

More tomorrow!

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-Straight Edge Photography- said...

Yeah man, agreed..one of the best documentaries out there at the moment...Have you seen "War photographer" (James Nachtwey), another great one...and "Anvil" -The story of...superb!