Siu Q and the line monster!


I is back! And with some more stuff to show!

To a few of you guys out there's satisfaction, here's the first of previous work doings! For your viewing pleasures!!
Miss Siu Q, after almost a year long wait, finally got started on her highly anticipated 3D Ukulele bunny! Cause everybody knows... A 3D bunny's best friend is obviously his Ukulele!! Obvious really! More bright crazy colour action on this piece in about a month! Check it out >>>

For Allan...

An hour and a half later...

He's playing "Diamond head" right now!

More previous tat-action doings as soon as tomorrow!! True that!
Until then ... I've tried as hard as I could to not endlessly rant away the last crazy few month's worldly affairs rocking our little world since the beginning of the year! This year's proving to be a world changing one already! I'll do my best not to post endless political and worldly affairs posts up here but I might not make it! So forgive me in advance if you fall on a lot of text and no pictures post in the weeks to come! It's just very hard for me to resist these days with all the crazy stories coming up on the world stage!! Unless I illustrate them ... Yeah ... That's a good idea! Maybe I can post it with a related doodle too (yes I do type at the same time as I think about what to write here ...) I think I might just do that... Pair a rant with a related doodle!! Anyway... It's an absolutely perfect time to start reading the news if you've never really done it and are interested in what goes on around you!

Stay informed and post ya tomorrow!!



Ben Newman said...

yay! good to have you back with frequent updates. The internet was feeling pretty empty!

Urban Warrior said...

Yeah Bro! There is some crazy shit going out there. As i´m a total beliver of cyberpunk and dystopia... the signs are all there. Nature is fighting back, nations are in struggle and regimes are falling down. Technologie is evolving ever faster. So, a lot to come. Really locking forward what you have to say to it.

Best Ron

Anonymous said...