The Dragon has spoken!

Good day to all!!

Been busy busy the last few days, lots to do and lots to plan! Lot's to get started and lots to get moving! Everything couldn't be going better so far though so ... I am not complaining! It's absolutely magical to be back here and I'm savouring every minute of it! I do really love this place!

Many very interesting things and super projects coming up so keep a wide open eye on this part of the world wide webs in the weeks, months to come!! First things first however, and start doing your tattoo observing push-ups cuz I know it's been a while and you might be out of practice! 2 mega sessions coming up in the days to come!

Until then... Here are a few extra news bits>>>>

1- Go check out and support, if you can, this great project and all for the just cause! It's been on the talk for a while and they finally just landed and if you're lucky... They might have a few left just for you!! Check out the Uncle man's latest and back the cause! A win win situation if you ask me!!

2- I'm officially starting to get some of my ... 86 rolls (yes 86!! For those of you who though I might have over done it with all the film I brought over... I actually ran out of slides! So ... Yeah! 86) developed tomorrow so start expecting some new mega magic on the ANCOM before the end of the week!

3- The Eckel is in Thailand... I hope he's managing to find good vegan food!!! If you see him in the streets of Bangkok, say hi from me!!

More asap as I slowly manage to slowly settle down!
Stay rockin'

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Ben Newman said...

good to see you got there in one piece! looking forward to the photos.