The Marlin in the blue

Hello hello dearest Plog followers! Yep, today's the day... Some sweet office workings you might have missed for your viewing pleasures indeed!! It's been hard to find time to blog lately with all this stuff to take care of but I finally started posting at the office again after my 2 month break and well... I thought you might want to know about it!

Aaaaaaall the way from Spain, Mr. Tyler came down for 2 days with just enough time for a "One shot half sleeve"! Completely forgot to take the Red/Black marker shots so .... Sorry Allan, I promise I'll have them up for the next piece!! But I'm sure the rest of you will figure it out .... Here it is, yesterday's day's doings, the Marlin in the blue after 6 hours >>>>

And just because it's you... Keep an eye open right here for more previous doings as soon as tomorrow -True that!

Until then ... Make sure to absolutely go and check out Ninja JYNT's not 1, not 2, not 3 but 6 new analog-a-licious new posts on the always growing and full of awesomeness ANALOG COMMANDO !! Absolutely wonderful shots for more and more of your visual pleasures!!
I'm afraid, however, that I'll still need a day or two to get my first batch of African delight uploaded on there! But be patient... It's absolutely worth it, I tell ya!

Catch ya later...
Stay fresh!

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Ben Newman said...

nautical themes ftw!