The perfect heist!

I got lots to show these days but if you don't mind, let's get the office work out of the way first!
Previous doings here we go ...

Jedi Luke came all the way back up-over to the Hong Kong from the Brisbanetown to visit, hang, have a few pints but also to get some more sweet ink action done! Sweet as mate! Here's what happened>>>

The infamous Triad-Chad finally got immortalized in all his glory in this amazing "almost"one-shot""! Inspired from the time, back in the day, when all the alleys of Kowloon were his, half the Mong Kok police station was on his payroll to look the other way and all the casinos in Macau feared his name! Here we decided to illustrate Chad in all his former glory (Official family tattoos, famous murse, and custom tailored polo shirt), accompanied by his trusted goon/getaway driver, Jimmy Wong Way (not too smart and not such a good getaway driver (one eye left) but very loyal and well, Triad Chad values loyalty above all). Here are the two famous accomplices and they're next perfect Heist! His brother's Casino's safe with blueprint and technical factual fact Die-cut (for your better understanding!!) This is how it all unfolded >>>>


Around 6 hours later...

Good job!

We didn't manage to finish this magical piece but for the record, I just have to clearly stipulate that it was because I quit, not because Luke quit! I just had to specify this as a price to pay for quitting on him but then again... I can only comply not wanting to tarnish the Jedi's reputation!! Then again... Luke loves Hong Kong and will be back anyways!! Keep an eye open over here in the near future for more Triad-Chad colour action!!

Buddy Luke also left the house with a few originals! I'm sorry to the few people who I know really loved that Indian girl ... It's on its way to its new home in Australia as we speak! For the few sad ones out there ... Rest assured ... Lots of new stuff is coming just in time for the EPTB to reopen again soon soon and I think there might just be a few pretty damn cool pieces in that first lot!!

Oh ... And then I sold my soul for a pint of Guinness too!

And finally ... 2 new posts of mine on the ANCOM !


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14k said...

Brokentooth will be proud!! Diecut safe is next level shit! Genius work mr pick