Hello from South Africa, ya?!

Finally made it and in one piece as well! This 3 week ride was, as expected, absolutely awesome (mega northern European Winter storms included) and am already thinking of the next time I'll be able to merchant marine my way somewhere... Anywhere!! So operation "Heart of Darkness/The Long Way part 2" is a complete success!! No pirates ... No sea zombies ... Not even a mermaid or two!! But let me tell ya ... Sailing in this morning, looking at the mountains coming towards us, I think is the new top number 1 mostest beautiful thing I've ever seen ever!! Sure ... The giant Hump-back-whale coming up not more than 20 meters from where I was standing on the deck did help in making this morning astoundingly awesome!! But even without the large mammal coming up to say hi... The view coming in to Cape Town from the ocean is mind boggling!!!

I highly recommend it!

So now I'm back on land and on the world wide webs as well!! So rest assured, dearest Plog followers ... I have no near future plans that should take me too far away from this Plog anytime soon!!

Here's a quick digital brief idea of what it kinda looked like this morning!

Rest assured, however... I got it on film ... Many films ... No like many many rolls!! 22 rolls of raw awesomeness so far so ... Get ready for some heavy film action on the ANCOM as soon as I'm back in HK!! True that!!

Now if you don't mind ... I've been dry for 3 weeks and just found out that a pint of "God's tears" is like just 27 Rand down here !!!!! I know right ... It's like stealing candy from a sleeping baby who's parent's aren't even there cuz they don't care and that part of the street doesn't even have cctv!! ... Yeah! ... Poor kid!

Catch ya later !
Stay fresh!


Flora Amalie said...

I'm so happy you're safe... and back on the WWW... but mostly safe!

igl said...

well done Sir ! Now and next, Cpt Jack Sparrow is awaiting you in the Indian Ocean, to show you some nice, and pretty mermaids, Hihi..., and Arrr !!!
Containership- Bill

BLACKOUT said...

holy fuck, 22 rolls while you were on a boat in the middle of the vast oceans. im waiting to see the final film tally now that you have hit land. im going to go on a limb and guess it to be 112 rolls by the time you hit HK. stay safe and ill see you soon brother!!!

nic said...

Less than a month to go my fellow ANCOMrade!

Panda said...

Wow, that sounds so amazing, I´m glad that you´ve happily reached another point of your trip. you´ve described it so good that it seems to me like I´m there too, haha. I have auntie in Johannesburg but unfortunately I´ve never been there but I hope that it will change soon. Anyway!Take care!

Ben Newman said...

wow, I'm so envious right now! looks amazing. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos!