Hello from Namibia!!

Still alive and doing great ! My mighty steed has docked here for the day (Walvis bay, Namibia) and I just happen to stumble on an internet hut on my expedition down here! decided it was hight time for a new post! Ya know… To let you all know I haven't forgotten about you!

All is good except, as you might have guessed… We is late! About a week late! I'll spare you the details of what a real Atlantic winter storm looks like for now but bad weather and slow dockland crews got us real late indeed! No troubles for me… But just so you know… Won't be getting to Cape Town until the 3rd! So a few more days of no net for me - A few more days of no Plog for you, I'm afraid!!

Stay fresh out there and wish me luck some more ... These next few days are supposed to be some real stormy ones!!

Captain Nick >>>> Out!


Unknown said...

best of lucks!

Flora Amalie said...

Yikes, good luck!!

hairface said...

please make a drawing of a real atlantic winter storm!

Simon said...

have fun on your ongoing adventure. Cheers from Franz Josef

-Straight Edge Photography- said...


Sometimes the "bad weather" is the best ones. Rock 'N' Roll is a true experience.

Steady as she goes


unclejoh said...

Good Luck captain Pick,take care of your ship!!I need you alive to finish my sleeve & my left arm its all empty for you!!

Michelle Hilden said...

yaaaaaaa; glad to hear that you are safe