The long way part 3

Ladies and gentlemen of the Plog ... Here's how it goes ...

Just got briefed on the next part of this ever so mysterious African secret adventure and it looks like I'll be off in the morning again! True that! This time, I'll be flying in the wee hours of the South African morning to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania! Should manage to get there on Wednesday late late! I've got a few connecting flights to catch at different spots and a few different administrations to convince to let me through!! Let's see how that goes!

Wish me luck for the long day of tripping I have ahead of me tomorrow and I'll Plog ya as soon as I make it!!!

This whole getting deeper into Africa thing is very exciting !!!! I promise you many absolutely amazing shots!!!

As for all the great questions asked lately, please be patient with me... Lot's to do, lots to organize, but I will eventually find a few minutes to answer!!

Take care out there and stay lively !!

Captain Nick >>>>> Out!

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Michelle Hilden said...

Can't wait to see those pictures!
Be safe out there!