And then there was more sailing involved...


All is good down here! Lots of chilling and well... Nothing much else very productive can really be accomplished under a +34C and 200 percent humidity! At least not by me! So chilling and sweating in the shade is all you missed!

Tonight however, a few days mysterious expedition to none other than the magical island of ... ZANZIBAR is in preparation... How exciting! I love saying it!! ZANZIBAR ... ZANZIBAR! I will however, sadly have no other choice than to avoid bringing my trusted computer and therefore rob you of your Plogging right for a few days! I'll bring back some awesome shots, I promise!! And should be back after just a few days!!

This is a very big culture clash for me and I'm loving every second of it! There's nothing like discovering new awesome stuff!!!

Plog ya when I get back...
Captain Nick >>>> out!

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