I'm still alive, fear no longer beloved Plog followers!

It's just actually very hard to preemptively estimate when the power and the internet will be on at the same time down here, allowing me to blog! So please forgive my absence of the last few days… But after all ... T.I.A.

Not much to show but a lot has been achieved lately! I've also started making the final preparations to the last chapter of operation "Heart of Darkness" -The long way part 5, aka The Return to Home Kong! That's almost it that's almost all for this mysterious African adventure! On my way out on Thursday to the fair shores of my beloved Hong Kong and well, I just can't wait!!!!!

Here are some other related news for your reading pleasures _

-Edition REUSS is coming out with another one of they're chunky and full of goodness tattoo books! This one dedicated to what I do (wachamacallit "new skooly" "comic" "Cartoony") and I'll be in it too! I'll keep you up to date with when and where you might be able to get such an item in the months to come! This one book looks like an awesome project so keep an eye out!

-Also... For all of you out there who desperately miss seeing tattoos out here, start counting the days! I'll be back at the HK office and working again starting next weekend (not the one coming up… The one after that)! I'll warn you ahead however, you won't be seeing 3 pieces a day, every day like back when I was up in Copenhagen for a long time again so savour them!

-Finally... Thank you all so very much for the awesome comments on the last post!! I didn't think my sketchbook was gonna be such a hit!! I'll try to Plog more pages really soon! You guys rock!! And yes it's mostly all paint (acrylic) and only markers for some of the black outlines!
I'll do my best to Plog again before I take off on Thursday but it all, inevitably depends on the grace of the power god, locally known as the LUKU!

LUKU likes goats!! Got to buy a goat!

Plog ya later P P Ploggers ... Got to go perform a sacrifice now!!!

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