Ladies and gentlemen … I've just made it back (Yes it's true) to Dar es Salaam just last night ("civilization") and to my amazement, in one piece too! The ever so intense and mysterious operation "Heart of Darkness part 4" is therefore a complete success!

[Start this theme song before reading! Yes! This is an interactive, multimedia post!!]

Ok … Go!

I'm still shellshocked by this absolutely mind blowing experience! I don't think there's anything I could recommend more to anyone than this last 5 day expedition! Nothing in the world, I have ever witnessed, was so beautiful and all out amazing! I, once again, have to rewrite my top 5 of most awesome things ever! 5 days in the African bush have truly dumbfounded me and forever marked me! From chasing Lions in the great planes, walking next to giraffes in the thick jungle, being chased by elephants (while in a Land Rover) and following zebra herds through the planes of the Ngorongoro crater, a land untouched by time… I could go on and on! Seeing all this wonderful wildlife in it's natural habitat, so close and so free and in such a majestic setting!!! By far the most beautiful and extreme landscape I've ever witnessed and an experience that will forever amaze me! Nothing in the world that I can think of right now quite beats driving along a running herd of giraffes barely 10 meters away from you!

I can only recommend this to anyone interested in pure awesomeness!! And of course you can do it in the more organized touristic way but nothing truly beats hiring the local driver, the cook, packing the beat up (yet highly trusty) 20 year old Land Rover with camping gear and just taking off for a week in what seems like nothing short of uncharted territory!!! Beware however, I thought I had seen it all when it came to "ghetto-ness" but this part of the world has taught me new standards in that realm… Make sure you make your immune system push-ups and living standards sit-ups before you make it this deep!

As you might have guessed, I have shot the whole thing in every possible angle in glorious film and will be posting these gems (Most of which, National Geographic Magazine will most likely need for their next few hundred covers) on the ANALOG COMMANDO as soon as I start getting them developed in Hong Kong! But I did think to take a few quick digitals for this here Plog and to feed your visual hunger!! Here's a quick set, a brief peek at what it might have looked like down there… In the heart of Africa!

More Ploggables tomorrow !!! Until then … Here's another classic, themed perfectly for this post!!


P.s. There should be no more Plogging breaks till I completely complete this mission and make it back to the HK on the 31st of March… I promise!


nic said...


Givemore Jonathan III, Esq. said...

Told you G-Slow.... Glad you never ended up as a creatures sunday lunch.... T.I.A....T.I.A....

Ben Newman said...

HOLY CRAP THAT IS AWESOME! looks like you had an amazing time. also jealous!

Sam said...

wow! you really are lucky! you got to see such beautiful creatures :)

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Uncle Allan said...

REAL Theme song: "look at the monkey...da da da daaaa daa da da da daaaaaaaa da da da daaaaaaaaaa

Awesome post. Miss you

Mr. plane driver!!! Opin da do

Michelle Hilden said...

Are the lions sleeping? I hope so, they kinda look dead.
I am not jealous of this here trip you are on, not at all!