Plagiarism ...

... "Is awesome ! It's the best thing ever !! You don't have to spend your life working and coming up with your own personal original stuff ! You just have to find something you like on the World Wide Webs , rip it and say it's yours ! It's awesome !!" - Is no doubt , what some people must be thinking out there !? I mean I , for the life of me , can't understand how anybody can even think like that and think they can forever get away with it but there sure are a few out there !!!

You guessed it ... Today's post is a rant !!! A momentary mental call to arms !! Bear with me here for a minute or two while I vent this rant away ...

I've had a bunch of people use my stuff as inspiration before and that flatters me so much ! It's nice to see ! It sometimes gets a little too close for comfort but then again ... That's how a lot of us out there started ! It's called inspiration !

Then there's some of my illustrations being tattooed by others ! I'm again flattered but then most often turns out to be a mediocre to very very bad copy ! And I can't help but think ... Why wouldn't you just come and see me and get your own personal version of that piece done by the original artist ?? Or if catching up with me is not an option ... Get an original piece from anyone else !! Any original will always be a better piece than a copy (well mostly almost all the time) !!

Then , and this is where I start having a problem with it all , the third category ! When people (tattooers) rip one of my tattoos and tattoo it on someone else !!! I'm pretty happy I've yet to see a half decent job at it but that still triple sucks guys !!!! 1-You're ripping me and making fun of my career dedicated to coming up with unique stuff every time and the fact that I came up with something original and you didn't have too !! 2-You're ripping off my customer who got something no one else had !!! 3-You're ripping any chances tattooing has to ever get respected as an artistic medium !!!

"My customer wanted it" is not a good excuse for not having any professional ethics !!!!!!!

And finally ! This is my favourite one ... Level 4 ! Outright plagiarism ! Just rip someone's web-site and say you did it all ! That's a proverbial finger to anyone who strives to come up with original work anywhere and well art in general !! That's just the worst worst ! It super sucks guys !!! I'd accept any sincere apology from anyone for any of the 3 first levels , but not this one !!! You either live on a different planet , are mentally incapacitated for any reason or are just an asshole ! Thinking you won't get caught and strive on someone else's hard work is probably what this little Norwegian twat was thinking ! Specially after I politely asked him to stop ripping my stuff (and other's) and still kept at it adding new ones !!!

If you did bear with me through this rant , give a crap about anything I just endlessly ranted about , feel concerned by said general subject and happen to have a "Deviant art" account ... Let this little shit know it's not cool !!!! (check his gallery pages , your work might be in it too) !

If not ... Let me know what you honestly think about it all !! I would really like to get some feedback on this subject from anyone !!! Artist or not ! If you find a second , I'd love to get a bigger perspective on it all !!! Thanks for taking the time !!!

Don't make enemies with an international spy man !!!

Rant >>>>>>>>>> Over !
Tomorrow ? ... Today's tatzzzap session !!! And then some more about my new baby !!!!

Stay original !


ZAK said...

I don't have an account so I can't see the details/profile of this person, but I'd guess its some youngster idiot who doesn't really know what he/she is doing.
You wouldn't take some artists song and claim that its yours, right? In this case I'd say its just plain thoughtless stupidity.
Thankfully I'm surrounded by tattoo artists that are enough talented and creative, so I can't really understand why a tattooer would straight up rip somebody but it does happen all the time. There's a difference being influenced by an artist and ripping an artist. Might be a slight one sometimes, but still a difference.
My tattooer friend said that a lot of people are getting the custom sketch and lines/black done by the real artists(the one with the skills) and then do the rest at some local joint. I can't find any rational explanation why a tattooer would finish a job started by some already famous and known artist. Beats me. Thank goodness I don't know any of those douchebags.

Anonymous said...

Pick you are by far the Raddest dude in the business as far as Im concerned. And anyone that fucking even looks at your work sideways, let alone has the audacity to straight up rip your shit off, In my opinion, should be strung up and lit on fire. But really, it honestly looks like just some poser mother fucker posting your work, maybe who doesnt even tattoo to begin with? I dont know thou? Anyways cant wait for the book and hopefully some new bad ass shirts of yours. Till next time, Gods Tears. HA! I loved that one. Later Grant Hill

Soron said...

Your in a (un)lucky position of actually being original, sadly this means that you will get shit heads stealing your ideas. :(

I would be gutted if an original piece of ART that was created for me specifically (which i see as being a very personal thing to me) and saw someone walking down the street with a half ass imitation with no idea of the story behind it...well lets just say i would not be best pleased!! :)

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, personally i think thats bullshit :)! If you cant think of something original, take an idea and develop it, dont just copy it..

Tom Soron

Simon said...

say no to copycats! but well some people just don't get it.

Len Hernandez said...


igl said...

i did´nt read this blog yet, but i´m coming in august, with pink !
and,... yes i´m playing golf just to wear the cool hat ! :-)
stay care buddy

Michelle Hilden said...

This guy is just a plain idiot, he has no life and no creativity. That said I think people that do shit like this are lowlifes!!!! I will get out my book of witchcraft and put a spell on him!!!

Shelltoon said...

Couldn't agree with you more. He is just an empty never-will-be. I have had a few tattooer freinds have their works end up in other artists portfolios. Just shows you stupid and ignorant people really are. So many people these days just seem to want to make themselves look "professional" so fast instead of paying their dues earning their place as a tattoo artist(and also for all artists). Time to take it back old school and start crackin these fools knuckles with a Ball-peen hammer...

Keep on keepin' on homie.


Right on !!! Thanks for commenting ! It mean's a lot to me to be able to read all these ... For the feedback ! But please even if you think differently than most here , I would love to know !! To try to understand !!

P.s. You guys all rock ! Went back to check the said scandiedouche's page this morning and his page was proper fully spammed with plagia-hating comments !!! It's nice to know people care , ya know !? And not just for me !! For anyone !!! Nice to know people got your back !!

You guys rock !! Thanks lots !!!!

Chilledog said...

Youch! no bueno mi amigo. I am happy to say that I've shaken the hand that tattooed me!

bone said...

had a guy come for a job once and his portfolio was at least half filled with pics cut out from tattoo mags ... deano cook leg sleeves etc
i think the mentality is one of no respect ( for themselves or anyone else )and the steel girded loins of the faceless web warrior.
'yah boo sucks i can do what i want and you cant hit me' = DICK!

Tanane Whitfield said...

I agree. Stealing is stealing. Imitation is one thing but to steal... In this industry...that's just fucked up. PS: I still would like to have you draw me up something for my 3 lil monsters aka the kids.

Nos said...

I know how you feel man, I had just found someone who ripped my work off the web. And he's making it look like he did it.