Dutch-o-rama part -last !

Ladies and gentlemen ... As promised and with no further delay ... Here goes last Friday's doings for your viewing pleasures !!

As previously mentioned , I had been Jedi mind tricked into tattooing the Aussie bunch all weekend a bit earlier than I thought ! After dropping by pretty much a month ago aaaaaall the way from Brisbane Australialand for some heavy duty tattoo sessions ... I guess they didn't get enough and decided to swing by , one last time before I got outta here ! It takes about 10 hours to fly direct to HK from Brisbane and as long as that takes , I guess they figured it was better than the 27 hours it takes to get to Copenhagentown !

First in line ... None other than Jedi Knight Luke ! We pretty much finished his Dutch-o-rama sleeve (except for the green) and got busy doing all the shitty bits for just about 7 and a half hours (am gonna skip the whole Trooper speech for this mate ... Nothing to prove to us mortals anymore) !! So one last shot to wrap all the different pieces together (and the green) and this one will be finally finished finished !! Up left / An extra 3D bunny around some previous work !! And if a 3D bunny is parachuting down ... Well then he obviously is doing that in a 3D parachute , wouldn't you say !?

And here's the final shot ... Before we wrap it all up next year ! The giganto windmill robo in action (with 3D bunny crew and friends)

Round 2 tomorrow ... When "Buddy Archie gets a sweet as background !" on his leg of doom !!!!

Stay rockin' and stay away from windmills !!!
Also ... All of the accumulating e-mails in my inbox of the last week or so will be answered tomorrow !! Have no fear !



Sam said...

hurrah for 3d bunny!

LSD said...

Bunny maddness!! The parachute is ace!! Well done

ALLEN said...

Wow!!! Awesome~~~~~~

Bigup said...

This guy must eat pain for breakfast!! Rad!!