The Time Piece !!

M m more tat-action for yall !!! That's right , nothing's too good for you !!!

Here's today's post , yesterday's work !!
Tattoo number two after a long break and a wonderful new piece done at the new tat-a-matic action reaction minty fresh tattooings master shop here in Hong Kong* !! Buddy Ian came all the way from Guam Guam (sorry , I just love saying it) Guam GUAM !! Mr. Ian managed a 7 hour ride on the wrong side of the needle , scoring a TROOPER title and going to bed knowing he could have made it to SUPER TROOPER !!! Piece in question did not get completely completed , however almost and looking fantastic if you ask me !!! More colours next time around (still need some skin tones and super brights for the clock) !! Here it is .... The day's tadooings ... The Mistress of time >>>>>

As usual like back in the day ... Red for me / Black for buddy Ian ...... From GUAM !!

7 hours later ...

So purty and after a life time in black and grey his first colour piece too , none the less !!!

Good job mate !!! Looking forward to finishing this soon !!

In other news ... Here are a few answers to lately frequently asked questions :

-Q: When , Oh when will your damn book be done already ?
-A: Less than a month's work left on it ... I swear !!! After that's done , a few months wait for my spot in the queue till print date in November if not earlier !! True story !! It's coming out this year and it's beyond awesome !! You will all understand why it took so long to make when you see this masterpiece of ultimate bookness !!

-Q: What has happened to all the Icelandic people ? We haven't heard from them since that volcano blew !! Should we go check on them to see if they're alright ??
-A: They're doing awesome actually !! They had the hindsight of temporarily moving all their ICE-SAVE archived files right where that volcano erupted while the rest of Europe was busy being trapped in a no fly zone !! Having no more proof of this international banking clusterfuck , they're home free and denying it ever happened !!! They're doing great !!

-Q: How far can a monkey sling his own shit ?
-A: Depending on the results of an easy equation completed by multiplying the arm length of the said monkey with the wind velocity and dividing that result by the actual fecal mass , most studies agree on an average of 10 meters !

-Q: *When oh when can we all know more about this mystery new awesome tattoo shop in Hong Kong already ???
-A: All in good time !! Am hours away from finishing a blog for the said shop with all the information one might need about it !! Gimme a day or two and all will be answered !! I got your backs ... Don't ever doubt it

G O O O W W W A A A A A M M !!


Allen said...


ZAK said...

Fucking finally I got the answer to the shit slinging. Phew.

Zim said...

Newest news ^^ sweattttttt
da true question is ... When u Will comeback in Europe ;)

Terms of Service said...

I am not a big tattoo person, but I have to say that one is simply awesome. Good Job.

Shelltoon said...

That is one of favorite tattoos thta you have ever done. I will most definitely have to get blasted by you the next time you come out to the states... Plog on...

Chantal said...

Check out that site vigilantcitizen.com
We talked about the illuminati.
Hahaha!!! Cool tat.