Shots in the dark !

The day's photo Plog >>>>

Yep ! Photos today !! Just got 5 of the 20 something rolls developed and felt like showing one !! This one's from the beginning of my last spy trip ! Me and my Hong Kong spy partner "Shifty Nick" had trailed our mark (let's call him Mister X for now) to magical MACAU and stuck around for a while to meet our contact there code named "Madame Li" who was gonna help us with some vital intel on said mark !! That first night got really foggy on the old island and couldn't resist a few shots !! Here's the first of many rolls ! MACAU + a delightful Fuji PROVIA 100F / Cross processed and wide angled for your viewing pleasures !!!

Noodle porn tomorrow !! That's right ! I've been getting a lot of heat from the Noodle decency lobby , whom as you might imagine , happens to be a very powerful lobby here in Hong Kong ! But no worries good people of the internet , Fighting the power ... Fighting the man , the established order , is something I enjoy doing !!! So rest assured ... Your noodle deviances will be fulfilled as promised !


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cool nite pics